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The Advanced Centre for Experimentation (ACE) is a facility that allows Governments and Enterprises to make use of NEC the WISE to perform experiments revolving around their social issues, thereby increasing their awareness of the feasibility of implementation at their living labs, or at their environment, before submitting a Request for Proposals.

The solutions developed at ACE empower Governments and Enterprises to make data-driven decisions, and solve even the most daunting of problems through practical means.

Introduction to ACE

Advanced Centre For Experimentation (ACE)

To perform experimentation on human detection, human interaction, and human sensemaking through NEC advanced analytics and Command Centre applications.

To grow NEC’s digital platform that allows Governments and Enterprises to use NEC’s advanced analytics to provide them with relevant information to solve social issues.

To test and experiment with customers/partners before deploying the system on-site.

Technology Showcase

This space is used to showcase the technologies being developed by NLS. Visitors are given a brief explanation of the technologies, which helps them better understand how these solutions can be applied in their own environments, or present opportunities for co-creation.

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Situation Room

The Situation Room is where we will demonstrate our NeoCenter applications, integrating various AI technologies into singular platforms.

Designed specifically to closely match the look and feel of actual command centres, the Situation Room environment helps put visitors in the seats of Operators, and better understand the benefits of our solutions.

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