Improving healthcare is the key to improving the quality of life for communities all around the world. AT NLS, we are employing NEC the WISE’s machine learning capabilities to provide detailed analytics, which directly influence decisions that lead to optimized patient care, and faster recovery times.


The Smart Patient Recovery Prediction System for Stroke (STARIS) allows healthcare professionals to make data-driven predictions on the recovery cycle for stroke patients.

Leveraging on NEC The Wise’s advanced machine learning capabilities, records of past stroke patients are cross referenced with that of a patient’s, to get an accurate estimate of the his/her recovery cycle and care requirements.

  • Accurately predicts the required length of stay, no. of rehab sessions, and discharge destination for stroke patients
  • Helps hospitals optimize resource allocation
  • Patients receive better care, and recover in a shorter period of time

NEC Laboratories Singapore (NLS) is a joint entity of NEC Laboratories and NEC APAC. We aim to create new social solutions and contribute towards the creation of Smart Nations around the world.

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