NEC Labs Singapore

Creating new social solutions for safer and smarter cities around the world

Advanced Centre for Experimentation

With researchers and partners, we perform experimentation on human detection, human behaviour, human collaboration, and human sense making, as well as to improve ICT solutions.

We Value Diversity

With our diverse group of researchers, solutions engineers, data scientists, as well as business and communication professionals, to innovate and co-create social solutions to the world.

Accelerating time-to-market of NEC’s social solutions

NEC Laboratories Singapore (NLS) is NEC’s fifth research laboratory, focusing on building and enhancing the NEC The Wise AI technology portfolio. NLS’s core expertise is in the study of social concerns with governments, enterprises, and research institutes, and proposing a combination of advanced information communication technologies to form new social solutions to solve serious social issues in the areas of public safety, cyber security, public transportation and healthcare.


“Digital transformation is different from big companies to small-medium companies. We believe that we want to help companies create better value, and working together with customers directly in training them, coaching them, on how to really approach a project and deliver it confidently and successfully.” – Mervyn Cheah

What We Do

NEC Laboratories Singapore or commonly known as NLS is a joint entity of both NEC Central Research Laboratories in Japan and NEC APAC.We aim to create new social solutions for the society by contributing towards safer and smarter cities around the world.

NEC has launched her own Artificial Intelligence brand, known as NEC the WISE; NLS builds solutions and enhances the NEC the WISE AI technologies portfolio, by co-creating it with customers and partners.

Latest Research


Public Safety


NEC Laboratories Singapore (NLS) is a joint entity of NEC Laboratories and NEC APAC. We aim to create new social solutions and contribute towards the creation of Smart Nations around the world.

NEC Labs Singapore (Advanced Centre for Experimentation)
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NEC Labs Singapore (Human Experimentation Area)
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