NEC’s Innovative Solutions Fair is an annual affair, showcasing new innovations in technology. This year’s theme, “Co-Creating Cities Of Tomorrow”, was in perfect alignment with NLS’ goal to co-create solutions for smarter and safer cities.

As such, we set up not one, but two booths showcasing our technologies, in our home turf of Singapore at the Marina Bay Sands Expo And Convention Centre!



Stylish and practical booths don’t just fall out of the sky. To start things off, the NLS team had a deep discussion on what they wanted to showcase, and the best way to present it.

After much debate, 3D mockups were made showing the planned booth and every team member’s role. The booth was swiftly constructed as per our instructions, and our staff began planning for the presentations.


Showcase Content

We came prepared with two showcase booths this year: one Healthcare solution for Smart Rehabilitation Careflow Management, and a much larger scale presentation for Public Safety, showcasing our Smart Command Centre application.

The Smart Rehabilitation Careflow Management booth covered the AI solution we are developing to suggest the best care possible for stroke patients.

Our Smart Command Centre booth featured 3 cameras performing video analytics in real-time. To make things unique and exciting, our presentations were done role-play style, with NLS staff acting as robbers and policemen to illustrate how suspicious people and objects can be detected.

For known criminals, Facial Recognition through fixed cameras as well as the NLS-developed Mobile Surveillance System was conducted, and guests were shown how Persons-Of-Interest who are registered in a watchlist can be detected through fixed or body cameras worn by police officers.

For suspicious persons who are unknown to law enforcement officers, we demonstrated how our exclusive Loitering Discovery system can count the number of appearances of each person in a given area, and allow operators to determine if a person is an unwanted loiterer.

We also demonstrated our Abandoned Object Detection system which identifies potentially dangerous articles that have been left behind, as well as the Crowd Behavior Analysis system that monitors the behavior of a crowd, and identifies unusual crowd movement, such as sudden dispersal or gathering.


Response And Final Thoughts

After all our preparation and rehearsal, the actual event went on without a cinch! We performed our demos multiple times throughout the day, much to the appreciation and fascination of the crowd. The general response we received was that many guests had never before seen a Command Centre that combines so many AI capabilities into a single solution. We explained that doing so allows the solutions to synergize with each other better, and allow Operators in our Command Centres to see the bigger picture.

Our  Smart Rehabilitation Careflow Management also received a great amount of interest. Healthcare professionals at the event noted that Stroke patients take a long time to recover in hospitals, and providing them with the best and most efficient care could go a long way to maximizing on hospital resources.

The event was closed with a sigh of relief from tired but satisfied staff. It was a lot of work to prepare for the event as well as to perform for it, and it was quite a shame that everything was torn down in a matter of hours. Despite that, NLS staff returned to their own respective homes, and enjoyed their own hot showers and a good night’s sleep, for the future promised more exciting events, and opportunities to wow crowds!