From work to wok

NEC NLS Team building

From work to wok: NLS just held a fun team building cook-off at Palate Sensations, where the team enjoyed a hams-on cooking and dining experience.

Each cooking team was made up of chefs of varying skill levels, from the smallest fries to the big fish, but each group came together to deliver a culinary experience that was worth a minimum Michelin 1-Star.

In addition to the fun evening, generous donations were also made to the Lions Home for the Elders, and the Movement for the Intellectually Disabled Singapore (MINDS). Because chicken soup might be good for the soul, but giving is good for the heart!

About NEC Laboratories Singapore (NLS)
NEC Laboratories Singapore or commonly known as NLS is a joint entity of both NEC Central Research Laboratories in Japan and NEC APAC. NLS aims to create new social solutions for society to contribute to safer and smarter cities around the world. NEC has launched her own Artificial Intelligence brand, known as NEC the WISE. NLS builds solutions and enhances the NEC the WISE AI technologies portfolio, by co-creating it with customers and partners. NLS has recently opened a new Experimentation Centre for NEC, known as the Advanced Centre for Experimentation or ACE in short, in Singapore. It is located at Nucleos Building in Biopolis. NEC Laboratories Singapore is NEC’s fifth research Laboratory, following Central Research Laboratories (Japan), NEC Laboratories America, NEC Laboratories Europe and NEC Laboratories China.

For more information, visit NEC NLS at and

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NEC Laboratories Singapore (NLS) is a joint entity of NEC Laboratories and NEC APAC. We aim to create new social solutions and contribute towards the creation of Smart Nations around the world.

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