Public Safety

While traditional surveillance systems rely heavily on video cameras, NLS is applying advanced machine learning solutions to quickly identify and classify threats to public safety.

By teaching our AI to understand irregular behaviors of both individuals and groups, a greater number of incidents can be properly identified, and a swifter response is made possible.

Crowd Analytics

Certain crowd behavior, such as sudden gathering or dispersal, may be indications of an incident. Through our autonomous crowd monitoring solution, unusual crowd behavior is recorded in a Smart Command Centre (SCC), and operators are alerted.

The crowd analytic solution was designed to be used with existing fixed cameras. Because traditional crowd counting methods require strict placement of cameras, NEC has developed a new approach to people counting: estimating the size of a crowd using AI.

Mobile Surveillance System


The MSS is a body camera that comes equipped with facial recognition capabilities. Designed for rapid and effective Person Of Interest (POI) detection, the MSS is capable of wider coverage than traditional fixed cameras, due to its ability to be moved freely.

The MSS is powered by NEC’s Neoface technology, the four-time world #1 facial recognition algorithm. In addition, due to its unique ability to process all information at the edge, the recognition speed is many times faster than other similar solutions.

The end result is a combination of high speed and accuracy in POI detection, that is sure to be of great use in law enforcement or the hospitality industry.