Spotlight Feature - Raymond Leong

Spotlight Feature – Raymond Leong our Solutions Architect from the Public Transportation Experimentation Unit.

Being a member of the Public Transportation Experimentation Unit in NEC Laboratories Singapore (NLS), I have the opportunity to interact with public transport operators and co-create social solutions that improve availability, reliability and safety of public transportation for commuters.

The experimentation unit comprises of researchers, data scientist and solution engineers. I am delighted to hands-on with these experienced folks to apply Al technology on real world issues, and also innovate to bridge the gap where technology is lacking.

Heterogeneous Mixture Learning and Recognizing Textual Entailment technologies are some examples of cutting-edge Al technologies under the NEC the Wise portfolio that my team uses to co-create social values with public transport operators.

Our ideas and solutions were presented in exhibitions and events such as GovTech, SITEC and the NEC Innovative Solutions Fair 2017 where customers and partners were invited to learn how NEC’s technologies can help in their business and solve their pain points. I am most honoured to represent my team to showcase their effort. Thank you NLS for this opportunity! Raymond Leong NEC Laboratories Singapore (NLS)

Raymond Leong

Solution Architech


Armed with a full suite of NEC the Wise technologies, we have the ability to attempt solutions that are more proactive and predictive as opposed to reactive and preventive. Our solutions will help public transport operators meet the raising and fluctuating demand from growing cities and put them in a competitive advantageous position. Together we can envision, contribute, and shape a better public transport experience.

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