NEC Laboratories Singapore has just pulled off our biggest and most successful show to date!

The C&C User Forum & iEXPO 2017 is NEC’s annual showcase of its latest technologies and inventions. This year’s theme is “Solutions for Society”, demonstrating how our technology can create safer and smarter cities. This year’s iEXPO was attended by nearly 25,000 visitors, so suffice to say it was a gargantuan event!

NLS had three booths at the iEXPO in total: Two booths in the main area, and one more for closed-door sessions. The two booths in the main area showcased the Eye-In-The-Sky and Smart Command Centre for Public Safety demos, with a custom booth design reflecting the Singapore skyline, and the Marina Bay Sands.

With the keen intent to “Go Big or Go Home”, the NLS team went all out to demonstrate our public safety AI technologies LIVE. This meant a complex setup of 7 computers running our analytic solutions, and 3 cameras we mounted around our booth. We also had a total of 4 large LCD displays for our presentations, which showed our solutions in crystal-clear quality.

The Eye-In-The-Sky demo covered our work with drones. We showcased our ability to use drones for the purpose of crowd counting, using grid-based crowd size estimation to count dense crowds from an aerial position. In addition, we showed our capability to perform real-time image enhancement, to increase camera visibility in dark areas.

NLS’ Deputy Head and Senior Director, Christopher Lam, delivering the Smart Command Centre demonstration. View this video at the Straits Times website!


Our main demonstration, the Smart Command Centre for Public Safety, showed how our DET3R (Detect, Tag, Track, Respond) framework operates. By combining AI analytics into a single platform creates a special synergy that makes incident correlation possible. This then allows us to have a 360-degree view of all Persons-Of-Interest (POIs), allowing us a faster incident response time, and even makes proactive approaches possible.

The main components of the SCC For Public Safety we showcased are:

  • Facial Detection: Identifying POIs using NEC’s world #1 facial recognition algorithm, Neoface.
  • Abandoned Object Detection: Identifying possibly risky objects that have been left behind in public spaces. In addition, the AI goes a step further to detect the possible object owner.
  • Loitering Discovery: Using image data mining, we can identify a list of the top loiterers in a public area, and also track their appearance patterns.
  • Tag and Track: Incident correlation that allows us to view every suspicious activity related to a POI.

As the pictures tell, our booth was extremely popular and well-received! We received a great deal of interest in our solutions, which spurs us to continue fighting the good fight.

Stay tuned for more news on our continued solution development!