At NLS, we aim to optimize transport on two fronts- firstly, to improve travel time and efficiency, and secondly, to increase road safety for drivers, commuters, and passengers alike.

Bus Operations

In the event of a bus breakdown/ heavy traffic conditions, even the most meticulously planned bus schedules may be thrown off course, leading to commuters waiting long periods of time for their buses to arrive.

To reduce the deviation from the original bus schedule caused by unforeseen incidents, NLS is harnessing the power of AI technology to generate solutions leading to a normalized bus schedule, such as proposing specific increases in buses deployed at key intervals.

This greatly reduces the Excess Wait Time (EWT) experienced by commuters, while also ensuring that resources are allocated to machine precision, eliminating the possibilities of both over and undercompensating.

Vehicle Analytics

NLS has developed an extensive portfolio of vehicle analytic solutions, that are designed to help maintain a smooth traffic flow, enforce vehicle laws, and increase road safety.

  • Captures information on vehicle size and speed
  • Counts axles to distinguish between different vehicle types
  • Recognizes car license plate numbers, even in poor-lighting environments
  • Accurately detects the number of people in a vehicle
  • Collected information is relayed to an SCC